Care Services

Volunteers provide a variety of services for Seniors. We request at least 48 hours advance notice of needs.

Transportation: In town, to the next town or to Rochester, Mankato, Sioux Falls. Can be for medical appointments, shopping, a social event like playing cards or going to visit a friend. Just getting out of the home on a short excursion like to the library can be a “biggy” in the life of a person who no longer drives. Always asking family or friends can become a burden, where calling CREST is giving a volunteer the opportunity to do what they like to do, with special people.

Friendly Visiting: In person visits or phone check-in for Seniors who are lonely or just need assurance that someone cares about them. Visit vary in length of time…shorter on the phone. While visiting, the volunteer may play games, help with light housekeeping or just “visit”. The important part for the care receiver is personal contact and knowing someone cares.

Home Helper: Light housekeeping. Sometimes a person cannot physically make the vacuum cleaner go where they want it to, or hold a dish firmly enough to wash and dry it. Light housekeeping includes doing dishes, dusting, maybe doing laundry or even just making a bed. Simple chores around the home that make a tremendous difference in a person life.

Home Repair: Light home maintenance: With the emphasis on light. No major construction! A light bulb may burn out and reading becomes impossible, a picture falls off the wall, or snow falls on the walkway to the garage, leaves cover the lawn, or there is splotch on the wall that a little paint would make look much better.