“Due to multiple surgeries, I have needed CREST to help me stay living in my own apartment. CREST volunteers have come to my home and walked my dog for me when I was unable to do so. CREST has helped me with household chores, including laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation. They have taken me grocery shopping when I was confined to a wheelchair. I am truly grateful for all their kind services. I can see God shining through the eyes of all the CREST volunteers. God Bless you all!”

-Jane L.

“I can’t say enough good about CREST. They are wonderful, caring people. They have taken me to appointments and shopping. They are right there to help you. In the ten years I have used CREST, I have nothing but praise for them. God Bless them all.”

-Marian L.

“CREST provided volunteers to lend assistance to me for my illness. They gave me transportation to medical appointments and other engagements. I’ve been very blessed when CREST has helped me and am thankful they are here to serve our area. It’s comforting to know that I can call them when I have a need and they will come to help me. Thanks to everyone and God bless you!”

-Gail S.

“CREST makes me feel needed as I’m doing good for someone. The appreciation they show me really helps build my ego as well. So I feel we both get something out of this. They get to needed appointments and I feel good. We have an elderly population & many of their family have moved away. Without CREST they would struggle to just get out. I feel that even if it’s just a medical appointment it is a good social event for them. With CREST helping them, they don’t feel so helpless and a burden to a neighbor or friend all the time.”

-Tina K.

“CREST has helped me a lot!!!! I don’t have a lot of family close by so CREST volunteers help me to get to my doctor appointments and when I want to go to Ladies Aid or just go out for coffee. I couldn’t go places if CREST wasn’t able to help me. This is a great organization and worthy of your financial support.” 

-Esther A.

“CREST has helped my by being a great form of transportation. I wouldn’t get to where I wanted to go without them. CREST means a lot to the community of Trimont because there are no buses and it gives us another option to get to places. It gives me a sense of independence because I can’t drive so it helps me get to where I want to go. I feel it’s very important to have something like CREST and it’s very deserving of your support. I think it’s wonderful and I don’t know where I’d be without them.”

-Rosie F.

“What an honor and privilege to provide transportation for medical appointments, shopping and a variety of other destinations. I care deeply about my neighbors who no longer are able to drive, so providing transportation for them is a “no-brainer”. What amazes me though, is the joy I receive during these trips. I get to have interesting conversations with special people, have a quiet time to read a good book, greet other neighbors, and be in one of my favorite spaces-my car. My time for driving for CREST is more of a benefit for me than those I am driving. I am so grateful to CREST for providing me these super great opportunities and certainly encourage support for their programs.”

-Karen K.

“I have been working with CREST for four years and I really enjoy what I’m doing. I help with transportation to the store and medical appointments, reading to people, and friendly visiting. I like spending time with people and it’s also nice meeting new people. It makes me feel good knowing that I can help someone. It just makes my day brighter!”

-Frieda H.

“Moving to a new home in a new community can be a challenge. One of the positive experiences I’ve had since moving to Fairmont in October of 2013 has been with the CREST organization and its director Rob Stauter. I am very grateful to CREST, to Rob and to the compassionate volunteers who have provided safe and reliable transportation to and from my medical appointments in Mankato. I’ve also learned that CREST, by assisting folks with errands, makes it possible for people to remain living independently in their own homes. Thank you CREST. I appreciate everything that all of you do.”

-Barbara B.