Crest offers a variety of training, orientations and educational gatherings for seniors, some are to improve individual health, others just to learn more about health-related issues and others to allow us to be more active.

There are no participation fees, but a donation may be requested to cover the cost of the Participant Handbook. Registration is limited for each class, so early bird registration is highly suggested.

Matter of Balance

8 session training for Seniors focusing on overcoming the fear of falling which keeps us from doing things we like to do. Includes an exercise program, identifying our fears and finding options for overcoming them. Also checking our home for safety/falling issues. Good for planning ahead to still do the things we like to do. See calendar for upcoming events.

Powerful Tools For Caregivers

6 sessions, one and a half hours,  for Caregivers. Tools to take care of yourself: reducing personal stress, changing negative self-talk, communicating feelings and needs to others, setting limits and asking for help, dealing with emotions such as anger, guilt, depression and making tough caregiving decisions. Participants leave with not only knowledge but an action plan of how to proceed with their lives. See calendar for upcoming events.

Volunteer Rest Companions

Volunteers will be trained in working with the Care Receiver and the Caregiver on what activities, routines, and other needed information. Relationships with both are important. Also, included will be policies and procedures related to this very special volunteer opportunity. Volunteers will be known as REST Companions. The training is part of the National REST program volunteer training.

Volunteer Orientation

All volunteers are required to attend Volunteer Orientation. these 2-hour sessions include information about CREST, an overview of volunteer opportunities and policies/procedures related to being a CREST volunteer.Orientation sessisons are held through the year or as one-on-one as needed.