Caregiver Support

Caring for the Caregiver

Being a Caregiver is awesome, but sometimes overwhelming! Not knowing exactly what is happening or what will be happening in the future can be scary. Having someone to talk with, to share with others going through the same thing, exploring helps and resources, finding it is o.k. to take time for oneself, and having someone to walk with you as you navigate this unknown path is essential for Caregivers of all ages. That’s where CREST comes in!

Monthly Support Groups provide time for sharing, gaining knowledge and insights into daily living, and just knowing one is not alone. CREST staff provide attention to specific concerns through personal conversations with Caregivers and the REACH program to develop a plan for healthy living for you and your care partner.

Support groups are open to all ages. Check below to find one to fit your life:

1st Monday   General Caregivers Support Group   
Trinity Lutheran Church, Trimont | 10am

1st Tuesday   Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregivers Support Group 
CREST, 820 Winnebago Ave #2, Fairmont | 10:30pm

2nd Tuesday   Parkinson Caregivers Support Group
CREST, 820 Winnebago Ave #2, Fairmont | 1:30pm

Last Monday  Low Vision Support Group
CREST, 820 Winnebago Ave #2, Fairmont | 1:30pm
(Meets Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)

Last Thursday   Parkinson Disease Support Group…Caregivers and Care Partners 
CREST, 820 Winnebago Ave #2, Fairmont | 10:30am

Spice of Life: Caregiver and their care partners join together with others to have fun. During COVID-19, the activities are at home.

Companion volunteers are available to give Caregivers time away to shop, attend support group, have lunch with friends and quietly read a book or watch the grass grow.