Live at Home

, but Home is where the heart is

and “There is no place like home” are apt descriptions of the importance of living in your own home, the desire of most Senior Citizens. Sometimes circumstances make it more difficult to maintain that independence…a broken bone, failing body, illness can make what was once simple housekeeping an almost insurmountable chore.

The vacuum cleaner becomes too heavy to handle, climbing a ladder to change a light bulb is not a good idea, driving becomes hazardous to self and others, daily living is just more difficult. That’s where CREST comes in!

Being lonely is not good for anyone. The new Telephone Reassurance Program provides weekly phone calls for those needing someone to talk to. Calls are made by volunteers and staff.


CREST volunteers happily come into your home to:

  • Run that vacuum cleaner and assist with light housekeeping projects
  • Change that light bulb or put plastic on your windows, etc.
  • Shovel snow in winter and rake leaves in fall and with other yard work in between
  • Visit in person or by phone, brightening the day for someone unable to get out and about
  • Reading together or making a meal together benefits both
  • Take you to medical appointments as well as shopping, the library, to lunch with friends and even for an evening out at the theater.

Note: CREST volunteer drivers will go as far as Rochester, Sioux Falls, Mankato and the Twin Cities, but not always guaranteed. 

Registration and a home visit by CREST staff will help determine the services needed. Requests for services require 48 hour advance notice. Note: CREST volunteer services are suspended during hazardous weather and when Fairmont Schools are closed during snow storms.